Meet Barry Goldwater

10 Nov

Barry Goldwater, Founder & Principal of the Goldwater Financial Group, signed as a Producer in a new documentary short film from DNA Films® titled “Maximum Achievement: The Brian Tracy Story.” Four-time Emmy Award winning Director, Producer and Filmmaker Nick Nanton is gearing up to direct this upcoming documentary on the extraordinary and transformative life and career of Brian Tracy, a world renowned entrepreneur, professional speaker and Best-Selling author.

Here’s Brian Tracy speaking with Barry Goldwater about his own entrepreneurial experience.


Can a Policy Review Save You Money? We Say Yes…

20 Sep

Policy Review: Lower Premium;  Increased Life Insurance, Tax-Free Income

Whenever we make a major purchase, we always look for the best return on our investment: whether it’s a car, a home, or an insurance policy.
When it comes to our tangible assets, it’s easy to see when they need updating or maintenance. Unfortunately, less tangible assets like insurance policies often get filed away and forgotten, but it’s just as important to review and revisit these on a regular basis. Here’s why you should always consider a policy review.


Long Term Care (and more) For C-Corps

26 Aug

If you own a C-Corp and wonder how you can offer Long Term Care benefits (and then some), then check out this 2 minute video!  We show you how a family C-Corp can deliver LTC for family members and their spouses, tax deductions, life time coverage, premium coverage and extraordinary company benefits for family owners.  Here’s how….